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Brockton suite (handcrafted in uk)


Codsall suite (handcrafted in uk)


Georgian suite (handcrafted in uk)


Lichfield suite (handcrafted in uk)


Sherringham suite (handcrafted in uk)


Stafford suite (handcrafted in uk)


Victorian suite (handcrafted in uk)


Edgbaston suite (handcrafted in uk)


Art deco suite (handcrafted in uk)


Old cape suite (handcrafted in uk)


Edinburgh suite (handcrafted in uk)


Door Fittings Uk specialise in high quality door handles and door furniture. Whatever style or finish of Premium High Quality Door Handles you require, we are certain we can supply it.
All of our Premium Door Handle Suites are manufactured and finished by hand in the UK, so you can be sure of the very high quality. Our ranges include:
Lever on Plate
Bathroom Furniture
Lever on Rose Door Handles in each suite.
Most of our suites are available in our full range of Premium Finishes:
Polished Brass - Satin Brass - Antique Brass - Distressed Brass - Polished Chrome Plate - Satin Chrome Plate - Polished Nickel Plate - Pearl Nickel Plate - Satin Nickel Plate - Imitation Bronze - Dark Bronze - Polished Bronze (Gunmetal)Real Bronze Metal Antique and Tudor Bronze.
Click on the links above to view the entire range of Door Fittings Uk 's Premium, High Quality Door Handles.